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WIRED Global Center Announces Summer 2024 Student Fellows

The WIRED Global Center is pleased to announce WIRED Undergraduate Fellowship Program Summer 2024 Fellows: Sofia Moeinvaziri, Edie Raines, Ozan Bayiz, Jack Allerton Doughty, and Saud Amjad. These five undergraduate students will spend their summer immersing themselves in grid resilience, disaster planning, and climate adaptation.

The Summer 2024 Fellows will take part in unparalleled research, training, and peer mentorship opportunities as they work under the guidance of the WIRED faculty and researchers. Their projects include:

Summer Fellow: Jack Allerton Doughty

Project: AI-enabled Real-time Spectral Unmanned Reconnaissance of Fire for Local Wildland Fire Management

Institution: University of Utah

Adviser: Rajesh Menon

Summer Fellow: Sofia Moeinvaziri

Project: Studying the Impacts of Data Center Energy Consumption on Power Grid

Institution: University of Utah

Adviser: Masood Parvania

Summer Fellow: Edie Raines

Project: Grid Reliability: Demand-side Management Strategies of Western Energy Imbalance Market Members

Institution: University of Utah

Advisers: Matthew Fry and Marissa Greer

Summer Fellow: Saud Amjad

Project: Demand Response Simulation for Actual Extreme Weather-driven Grid Events

Institution: University of Calgary

Adviser: Mostafa Farrokhabadi

Summer Fellow: Ozan Bayiz

Project: WIRED Data Hub

Institution: University of California San Diego and WIFIRE Lab

Advisers: Ilkay Altintas and Kate O’Laughlin

As the Summer 2024 Fellows begin their work, the WIRED Global Center looks forward to their unique contributions to the research.

Learn more about the Summer 2024 Fellows here.

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