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Training and empowering the next generation.

WIRED Undergraduate Summer Fellowship Program provides up to 10 undergraduate students each year from the United States and Canada with opportunities to immerse themselves in grid resilience, disaster planning, and climate adaptation. Our program offers research opportunities, transformative training, and peer mentorship designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and connections needed to build climate-resilient technologies and fortify the power grid. Fellows will work under the guidance of expert faculty and researchers on center activities related to data cyberinfrastructure, use-inspired research, community engagement, and our innovation ecosystem. Through collaboration with academic and industry leaders, fellows receive unparalleled experience researching and developing market-ready solutions.

Meet the 2024 Summer Fellows

Sofia Moeinvaziri
Meet Sofia
Edie Raines
Meet Edie
Ozan Bayiz
Meet Ozan
Jack Allerton Doughty
Meet Jack
Saud Amjad
Meet Saud

2024 Undergraduate Summer Fellowship Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for Principal Investigators (PIs)

Who can submit project ideas?

Faculty members or PhD students at member universities of the WIRED Global Center are eligible to submit project ideas focused on power grid resilience, disaster preparedness, and climate adaptation. If a PhD student is submitting a project idea, they must have a faculty member as a co-PI.

What is the program timeline for 2024?
    • PIs must submit projects by February 18, 2024.
    • The Fellowship Committee will inform PIs about their proposal and funding award by March 1,  2024.
    • PIs will recruit an undergraduate student of their choice from their respective institution and, when ready, inform the Fellowship Committee to initiate a fellowship offer.
    • Funds for the fellowship must be expended by August 31, 2024. The fellowship should occur during the summer term or semester between May and August.

How will fellowship funding be administrated?

PIs whose projects are approved for the fellowship program will receive information via email about funding information.

Where can I learn more about the program?

PIs who have questions about the program can email Marlee Jeppsen at


Indigenous Youth Ambassadors

Six high school students from Indigenous communities in the United States and Canada will be able to participate in our ambassador program for one-year terms. The program pairs ambassadors with our expert researchers for career advice and coaching opportunities, and it provides support in attending and participating in WIRED Global Center annual meeting. Ambassadors will share their experiences, promote our mission, and inspire their peers to pursue their dreams. Outgoing ambassadors will continue to play a vital role in the program by helping to identify future ambassadors and offering their insights and experiences.

Climate-Resilient Grid Short Courses

Open to university students; community members; and engineering, climate and atmospheric science, forestry, emergency planning, and community planning professionals. Our Interdisciplinary short courses—created by our affiliates and partners—bridge knowledge gaps and introduce cutting-edge innovations in climate science and power grids. We prioritize understanding accessibility and inclusion in energy resilience. We're exploring tailored certificate programs for undergraduate and graduate students at affiliate universities.

Commitment to Accessibility and Inclusion

Through fellowships, research roles, webinars, and our annual meeting, we engage with and empower the next generation to make an impact on and drive change in power grid resilience.