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The Power of Collaboration

Our Innovation Ecosystem is designed to transform our use-inspired research into market-ready solutions for grid resilience through cross-functional collaboration.


Need Identification

We foster an optimal innovation environment by empowering researchers with entrepreneurial drive and education to tackle challenges and implement strong processes to achieve success. To achieve this, we engage with our partners and stakeholders to pinpoint key areas where technology can make the most difference. The Center leads events and training programs to build relationships with a broad community of strategic partners and share information and best practices. We use this insight to create innovative technologies for meaningful community impact.


Market Analysis

The true impact of effective technology lies in its ability to better lives and uplift communities. Our goal is to ensure our research-driven solutions reach those who need them. We work with our partner institutions’ technology transfer offices to conduct a market analysis and create robust business strategies for the technologies created by our expert research teams.


Technology Development

Our commitment to accessibility inclusion is central to all of the work that we do. We initiate intentional partnerships with the communities we serve, including underserved and underrepresented peoples who disproportionately bear the burden of climate change impacts. Actively collaborating with Tribal, First Nation, and Indigenous communities throughout the innovation process, we honor their valuable knowledge and unique perspectives. This collaboration enables us to collectively understand the management and preservation of natural resources. By using these insights, our technologies and solutions contribute to reducing disparities and enhancing resilience.


Technology Development and Refinement

Through our many partnerships, we are a part of training the next generation of innovators. We collaborate with strong entrepreneurship hubs to support researchers in refining ideas and adopting mature technologies. We work closely with the Utah Smart Energy Laboratory (U-Smart) to rigorously test, verify, and advance power grid resilience technologies developed by our researchers.


Invention Support and Advancement

Our collaboration with institutional technology transfer offices provides unparalleled guidance and support for our researchers and their technologies. We have also teamed up with strategic partners to develop tailored incubation and acceleration programs for up-and-coming organizations who share our mission to develop climate-resilient grid technologies, offering unparalleled mentorship and support. We leverage the robust resources provided through our strong partner organizations to aid researchers in commercializing their inventions. Researchers will also find expert guidance on navigating regulatory compliance and permitting processes through our center.


Technology Showcase Events

Beyond providing mentorship, support, and resources for researchers working on power grid and climate resilience, we provide many opportunities to work on new ideas and showcase their inventions. Through showcase events, hackathons, and more, we are committed to inspiring and empowering innovators.