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Thank you for helping us promote the WIRED Global Center and for upholding our brand identity.

Designed to inspire, these guidelines help shape WIRED Global Center's communications. Being part of our brand means joining efforts to strengthen the power grid against extreme weather events. Our brand is all about creative thinking and finding smart solutions. Our brand is bold because our mission is bold.

Brand Identity

Every element of our brand aligns with and reinforces our core purpose—to reimagine a resilient and more equitable power grid for a sustainable and prosperous future. The visual elements of our brand have been thoughtfully composed and carefully designed to tell our story, inspire, and resonate with a global community.

Consistent branding is more than using our logo. It is a strategic representation that presents across all touchpoints and fortifies WIRED Global Center's impact. Appropriate and consistent use of our brand elements creates a lasting impression.

Center Name

Our name is pivotal in building and maintaining a strong and unified brand. Following these guidelines creates efficient processes and ensures broader recognition beyond our center.

Our official name is U.S.-Canada Center on Climate-Resilient Western Interconnected Grid. Our shorthand name is WIRED Global Center. Learn more about appropriate use.

Standard Usage

First reference: U.S.-Canada Center on Climate-Resilient Western Interconnected Grid
Subsequent references: WIRED Global Center


OK To Use

Long-Form Written Pieces: The center is OK to use, minimally, if it does not cause confusion or ambiguity with other centers.


Do Not Use

  • WIRED Center
  • WIRED center
  • Wired Center
  • Wired center
  • The center in short-form writing or designed pieces
  • In writing, do not use Wired Global Center


The creation of our brand combines artistic, strategic, and psychological elements to bring our mission to life. These include specific visual elements, intentional colors, accessible typography, and more.

Color psychology plays an important role in evoking emotions and perceptions. Our brand’s primary and secondary color palettes were deliberately chosen to evoke specific feelings and associations.



Blue and green hold significant relevance for our brand. Combined, these colors create a powerful synergy. The specific shades were chosen for their boldness and contrast.


RGB: 0, 32, 91

HEX: #00205B

CMYK: 100, 93, 32, 32


Grid Green

RGB: 4, 95, 52

HEX: #045F34

CMYK: 90, 36, 95, 32


Bold Black

RGB: 0, 0, 0, 0

HEX: #000000

CMYK: 60, 40, 40, 100

PMS: Black

Wattage White

RGB: 255, 255, 255


CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

PMS: White


Our accent color palette incorporates a vibrant spectrum of colors, each carefully chosen for their positioning on the color wheel and to compliment the primary colors. Collectively, this accent color palette creates a harmonious blend of depth, energy, and balance. Further, colors vary in shade, saturation, and hue to ensure high contrast to exceed accessibility needs and ensure a strong brand presence in alignment with our values of accessibility and inclusion. 


Accent colors should be used sparingly and in proportion to the primary blue and green. They should accentuate and complement. They should NOT overshadow the primary colors.

Clear Sky Blue

RGB: 76, 159, 200

HEX: #4C9FC8

CMYK: 68, 23, 10, 0

SPOT: PMS 2389 C

Electric Orange

RGB: 255, 182, 0

HEX: #FFB600

CMYK: 0, 32, 100, 0

SPOT: PMS 7549 C

Power Purple

RGB: 98, 18, 68

HEX: #621244

CMYK: 52, 100, 43, 39

SPOT: PMS 2357 C

Resilient Red

RGB: 157, 34, 53

HEX: #9D2235

CMYK: 25, 98, 77, 21


We also encourage the use of the following shades of gray as neutral colors. These colors should fade into the background rather than stand out.

  • ENERGraY
      • RGB: 137, 141, 141
      • HEX: #898D8D
      • CMYK: 49, 38, 40, 4
  • Current Gray
      • RGB: 208, 211, 212
      • HEX: #D0D3D4
      • CMYK: 18, 12, 13, 0


Our logo is the embodiment of our brand. Its design was thoughtfully developed. The colors and shape elements are subtle yet important elements of our center. Combined, its composition speaks to what our center represents.

Conceptual Foundation:

  • Elements:
      • Thunderbolt: 
          • Symbolizes the center’s focus on outages caused by climate (thunderstorms). 
          • Simultaneously represents the concept of electricity, aligning with our mission and purpose.
          • Similar in shape to the Western Interconnection (WI).
      • Two Bars:
          • Resemble bars seen in a bar chart, indicative of data representation and analysis.
      • Transmission Tower:
          • Included in one variation to symbolize the core infrastructure of the power grid.
          • Easily removed or added, depending on logo needs and use guidelines, without taking away from the brand’s core identity.
      • Colors:
          • Dual-tone design in green and blue is founded on principles of psychology. Together, they evoke balance, stability, and climate consciousness.
          • Easily adaptable into an all-black or all-white logo for various marketing needs.
      • Typeface Selection (Proxima Nova):
          • Chosen for its sans-serif style, enhancing readability and accessibility across all mediums, including digital platforms and small-scale formats.
          • Modern yet timeless characteristics align with our center’s forward-thinking nature and ensure adaptability and resiliency.
      • Balance:
        • Crafted to carefully reflect the shape of a “W”, while also maintaining forward motion to illustrate our commitment to innovation and progress.

Have questions about our brand?

Thank you for helping us maintain our strong brand identity. Marlee Jeppsen oversees our brand and logo use. Request brand approval before you publish, print, or produce materials.