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Innovating Grid Resilience

U.S.-Canada Center on Climate-Resilient Western Interconnected Grid (WIRED Global Center) is the premier hub for research, innovation, and workforce development in the field of power grid resilience amid climate disturbances. WIRED Global Center brings together leading experts in power engineering, climate, forestry, data, policy, and social sciences to redefine and innovate grid resilience against extreme weather events.


Data Cyberinfrastructure
WIRED Global Center creates a unified environment to collect, govern, and share data. Our partnerships drive innovation, resulting in tangible outcomes like grid modernization and cross-border data sharing. 
Use-Inspired Research
We are measuring and modeling climate-driven risks like wildfires, heatwaves, and floods. We study how these events affect the power grid with a goal of creating tools to reduce impacts on the grid and communities.  
Community Engagement
Our community engagement efforts are foundational to all that we do. We create initiatives to actively involve and empower the diverse communities we serve to enhance their grid resilience.  
Innovation Ecosystem
We convert ideas into market-ready tools. By leveraging partnerships, entrepreneurship, and expert teams, we overcome deployment hurdles—transforming knowledge into practical market solutions. 


Transforming Grid Operation and Planning

Transforming the industry, shaping forward-looking policies, and streamlining grid operation and planning practices.

Enabling Economic Development and Ensuring Prosperity

Contributing to sustainable economic development and overall enhanced prosperity of the entire Western U.S. and Canada region.

Developing Global Solutions

Addressing global challenges collectively and developing solutions that make an impact on the power grids around the world.


Education and Workforce Development

We provide educational and networking opportunities for high school and college students and working professionals. We are reshaping grid resilience, disaster preparedness, and climate adaptation strategies.
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We broaden technical collaborations, engage communities, and share knowledge. Join our workshops, webinars, and events led by leading experts in data, climate, forestry, engineering, and more. Together, we can build the power grid for tomorrow.
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Shape the future of grid modernization with us! Explore rewarding career opportunities and contribute your expertise to drive sustainable solutions. Join our dedicated team in advancing tomorrow's grid technologies, today.
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Research Groundbreakers: Spotlighting Haun, McCrain and the WIRED Global Center for their research work at the U
The University of Utah has a rich research history. Thanks to its students, faculty, staff and shareholders, research at the U will only continue to grow, bringing innovations and discoveries to our society.


Move over, tech—energy is making a comeback
For years, technology has been a major part of Utah’s economy. In 2018, tech accounted for 18 percent of the state GDP, and tech companies supported one in seven Utah jobs, according to the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity.


Shoring up the West's grid against extreme weather
Utah engineers and scientists to lead international center supporting climate resilience for 136,000-mile network of power lines.


Media Relations

Interested in promoting our center or our research? We're always available to help. Contact us today to speak to an affiliated researcher about power grid resilience.

A National Science Foundation Global Center Jointly Funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)