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Collaboration. Engagement. Networking.

Led by expert researchers, our programs in grid resilience, disaster planning, and climate adaptation focus on enhancing collaboration, engaging communities, and sharing knowledge. We empower trainees, industry collaborators, Indigenous community partners, and future innovators. By promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce, we prepare individuals to confront the evolving challenges of climate resilience in their communities.


Undergraduate Fellowship Program

Our summer program mentors the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers shaping climate-resilient power grids. Through this fellowship, up to 10 students from member institutions engage in immersive activities including short courses, research tutorials and training, webinars, and peer exchange sessions. Through collaboration with academic and industry leaders, fellows receive unparalleled experience researching and developing market-ready solutions. Fellows also receive a travel scholarship to attend our prestigious annual WIRED Annual Symposium. Open to undergraduate students from all majors.

Indigenous Youth Ambassadors

The WIRED Indigenous Youth Ambassadors program recruits high school students from Indigenous communities in the United States and Canada to participate in the center activities for one-year terms. The program pairs ambassadors with our expert researchers for career advice and coaching opportunities, and it provides support in attending and participating in WIRED Global Center annual meeting. Ambassadors will share their experiences, promote our mission, and inspire their peers to pursue their dreams. Outgoing ambassadors will continue to play a vital role in the program by helping to identify future ambassadors and offering their insights and experiences.

Climate-Resilient Grid Short Courses

Open to university students; community members; and engineering, climate and atmospheric science, forestry, emergency planning, and community planning professionals. Our Interdisciplinary short courses—created by our affiliates and partners—bridge knowledge gaps and introduce cutting-edge innovations in climate science and power grids. We prioritize understanding accessibility and inclusion in energy resilience. We're exploring tailored certificate programs for undergraduate and graduate students at affiliate universities.

Research Tutorials

Designed to introduce affiliated partners to topics outside of their expertise, develop a common language across disciplines, and build the foundation for convergence research. These online interdisciplinary research tutorials are available on demand. Our experts also help connect affiliates with supportive professional development courses available across our various partner institutions.

Commitment to Accessibility and Inclusion

Through fellowships, research roles, webinars, and our annual meeting, we engage with and empower the next generation to make an impact on and drive change in power grid resilience.