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Uniting Disciplines, Breaking Boundaries

We're revolutionizing interdisciplinary research in power engineering, climate and atmospheric modeling and data collection, computer science, and economic and policy analysis. Our custom-designed cyberinfrastructure supports cutting-edge research, fosters exploration, removes boundaries, and drives safety-driven solutions for the power grid.

By connecting climate, weather, power grid, and social data with essential software tools and computing resources, we empower researchers with advanced tools for data acquisition, storage, management, integration, mining, and visualization.

Advanced Data Services
Collaboration and Universal Access
Tool Development Environment

Advanced Tools for Grid and Community Resilience

We're committed to using data to make the power system more resilient and enhance community safety and prosperity.

Predicting and Managing Fire Risks
Our research and predictive tools can be used to anticipate fire risks, especially where urban areas border natural or undeveloped regions.
Precision Mapping
Utilizing cutting-edge technology to map landscapes accurately, enabling meticulous monitoring and analysis.
Prioritizing Community Safety
Our focus on community well-being drives our efforts in comprehensive risk monitoring and precision mapping to safeguard against potential hazards.