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Equitable Resilience Planning
Informed Policy and Planning
Community-Centered Solutions


Designed to help assess the risks associated with climate-driven extreme disturbances, understand the socioeconomic impacts on communities and their interactions with the power grid, and develop tools and techniques to mitigate the impacts of disturbances on power grids.

Risk Assessment and Modeling of Climate-Driven Disturbances

Extreme weather impacts critical infrastructure and the health and well-being of people and communities. We bring together the most advanced regional modeling systems across the Western U.S. and Canada and develop projections of disturbance risks based on climate models.

Climate-Resilient Power Grid Operation and Planning

The frequency and intensity of climate-related events—like wildfires, heat waves, droughts, and floods—are increasing, impacting the power grid's ability to support communities. Our research focuses on developing strategies for power grid planning and operations to reduce future risks and mitigate these effects.

Socioeconomic and Policy Assessments for Equitable Climate-Resilience Planning

Climate-driven weather events impact power grids in urban, rural, and frontier communities. We explore the link between climate risks, energy insecurity, and equitable resilience. Our focus is on understanding how different groups are affected by climate hazards and using this knowledge to create fair and inclusive solutions for resilient communities.