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Meet the 2024 Summer Fellows


Sofia Moeinvaziri

Hi! My name is Sofia Moeinvaziri and I am currently a rising sophomore at Stanford University studying either electrical or mechanical engineering. I’m fascinated by the intersection of math and sustainability, and I’m eager to explore electrical engineering through my fellowship.

During my freshman year at Stanford, I lived in the energy-themed dorm and joined Stanford Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW). As a member of ESW, I’ve worked in a lab environment, gone through the research process, and learned about the importance of long-term reliability for engineered products. I specifically worked on building a miniature wind turbine and designing a renewable energy proposal for a local farmer that considered the logistics of using solar power, wind energy, and hydropower.

In high school, I co-founded the nonprofit Compost Utah, an organization that implements composting programs in elementary, middle, and high schools in Utah. Through this experience, I learned how to best advocate the importance of climate change to younger generations.

In my free time, I enjoy watching Formula 1, skiing, gardening, and playing the piano. I’m excited to work at the University of Utah this summer and I look forward to learning more from Professor Parvania.

Edie Raines

Edie Raines is an undergraduate student at the University of Utah currently studying English literature and geology with an emphasis in environmental geoscience. They are passionate about environmental sustainability, and particularly passionate about working towards a future fueled by renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources. They have worked as a copy editor and arts writer for the Daily Utah Chronicle and as a peer advisor for the University of Utah’s LEAP Program.

Edie is also working towards a minor in French and hopes to utilize the skills taught through studying language and the humanities to facilitate authentic communication between environmentalists and scientists across the globe.

This summer, Edie will be working with University of Utah Department of Geography PhD student Marissa Greer and Professor Matthew Fry, researching demand response programs used within the western power grid.

Ozan Bayiz

Ozan Bayiz is a rising junior at UC Berkeley studying computer science. He is interested in data engineering and ML applications.

Jack Allerton Doughty

Originally from Boston, MA, I came to the University of Utah to pursue a degree in Data Science with a minor in Mathematics. My research, under the guidance of Dr. Rajesh Menon, focuses on the co-optimization of optical systems and machine learning algorithms.

As a senator for the College of Engineering, I actively engage in student government, advocating for educational advancements and student welfare. Nothing fulfills me more than being able to serve my peers. I also aspire to become a leading engineer in AI development and aim to shape policies that harness AI’s potential responsibly.

Outside of my passion for tech and policy, I am an avid skier, weightlifter, and book worm.  I also spent two transformative years in Mexico as a missionary where I became fluent in both Spanish and the indigenous language Chol.

Saud Amjad

My name is Saud Amjad and I am currently pursuing an Electrical Engineering undergraduate degree with a minor in Mechatronics Engineering. I have done all my work and education in Calgary, Alberta with deep roots of family back in Pakistan.

During my time selecting my post-secondary path in high school, I knew it was important that my choice must allow me to make a positive impact on society and to begin working on something that directly impacts our future. As I got older, my passion for engineering led me into a passion for robotics. This had allowed me to chase numerous opportunities such as being an essential part of the Schulich Space Rover Team at the University and being able to judge the VEX Robotics Provincial Competition for high school and middle school students earlier this year.

Eventually, I became intrigued with energy power systems where I searched for novel problems that, when researched, could allow for a better future for individuals, organizations or even entire industries. I am extremely honored and grateful for the work that will be done alongside Dr. Mostafa Farrokhabadi, will allow for a more rounded and positive impact on society, something I will continue to strive for as an engineer.